30 novembre 2005

Instant pose pour la photo

as soon as I asked him if I can make a photo of him, here is what he did, enchanted that I wanted to make one of him as much as I was appreciating him and his instant pose for me.

I wanted to have his adress to send it to him, but he was called to do some work urgently and had to go on with it.Oui, prends-moi!

29 novembre 2005

Rencontre d'un instant

the fleeting moment of meeting, one inside, the other just looking insidePrès de Gare Saint Lazar, la vie des deux femmes se croisent un instant fugitif.

21 novembre 2005

Cluj du haut

city from the hill on top of it, one of many around it, view of center townJ'y suis née, j'y suis restée jusqu'à 14 ans, j'y suis retournée l'année dernière et de nouveau cette année, après 50 ans.

17 novembre 2005

Place Charles Bernard

J'ai appercu de loin un beret rouge et une dame avec deux petit chiens. Mais elle n'était pas seule!

13 novembre 2005

Montmartre un jour de pluie

Portraitist on Butte Montmartre, Paris, not deterred by the drizzle
And the people in under the umbrella emphasises better the bad weather and adds to the atmosphere. In fact, even he was not expected, I was making photos of his friend.Even in the rain, Butte Montmartre gives a lot to see.

Curieux façon de vendre

que ces fauteuils devant l'église de centre

10 novembre 2005

Friendship, in Paris

He suspected, the other did not, that I did take this one, then I asked permission to do one of his rollers.

But what I have remarqued is that friendship they spoke and felt all, coming from Italy, Tunis, etc. Born in France or not, and also they where all working and loving and respecting each other.

photo made in Paris 17, yesterday afternoon.While one speaks of "Paris burning" that is reality in France. More then some hot spots the press shows only.

06 novembre 2005

Heure bleu au cimetière

Happy accidents (I did not observe the bare tree when taking the photo)