25 mars 2005

last pictures

Mes dernières images, chaque jour j'y mets d'autres à flickr, on serveur d'images. La date de ce poste est celui quand j'ai commencé.

24 mars 2005

old and new

Old library with new operahouse at the back : they blend well together.

23 mars 2005

all people's favorit (at flickr), on Montmartre.

22 mars 2005

A picture of 21 mars

that did not go to the "day of year" group. I was at the post office, on the street of the scool in our little town near Paris, and suddenly looked through an open window and seen this. What can it be, what have been there, I do not know, but almost looks (but it is not) as a scen in a picture or on stage. Perhaps it waits for rebuilding, or selling... but it gives a strange impression.

21 mars 2005

And the "boulangère" wife of the "boulanger" who makes it from very early in the morning.
Every day fresh bred, this is France too, and at the corner of my street, the bakery.

20 mars 2005

18 mars 2005

Emerging from the metro

Old books, memories, I love them. Lilli send me a citation today about how people show themself and get intimate through writing, I think it applies to blogging and to taking pictures too, I feel somehow, looking at my stroll in Paris, and the pictures I have taken, you'll know me better.
That impressed me more then anything yesterday : just a hand suddenly there, seen from far

And that was the funny side, of my pictures, even if it is not so nice to be tiered. I admire people who can sleep anywhere.
One does not show often Notre Dame like that, even I did not see it before.


Clic on the title to see the slide-show of my stroll in Paris's 5th from home, to Jussieu to Rue d'Ecoles, from there down towards Place Monge and its market, and then down to the Seine and Notre Dame.

Then the square Quai Montebelli and the old famous Shakespeare bookshop, where Hemingway, while young and without money, got some free books and education in russian literature. His Moving feast (I think that is the title) describes this quater so well.

If you want to know more, read my comments, look at the pictures one by one or skip some, then just click HERE and enjoy. And feel free to leave me comments, on that journey.


I strolled in Paris yesterday : 150 photos, I went from Jussieu, where a huge university is, to 17 rue d'Ecoles, our meeting place an American Dinner. And from there, down rue Monge to Notre Dame, then back to take the metro and bus home.

Some photos I'm really happy with, I have to take a second look. But yesterday evening, Flickr was down, so I have to wait a bit, until I begin uploading them. I'll try to send here by Hello, some, for "taste".

15 mars 2005

Twenty photos slideshow

Paris 18 in octobre : visit the hights of montmartre and south, down is the tissues quater then back north, to give the photos of last week. It was a rich "recolte", lots of faces, places.Click on title if you want slideshow, or here if you prefer to look one to one with the commentary.

Until I do not recover my blog Julie70, I do not put photos here.


Today,until I understand what happened to my main blog, pause. But tomorrow, at least one or two new pictures.

14 mars 2005

My blog Julie70

Where is it ? instead, for the moment link to the slides of my latest uploaded pictures to flickr.

Changement du titre

I hope this will not inconvenience any one of you, I changed the name of this blog, from "ParisBallade" to "ParisBalade". In fact, should be the two : ballade means a song about the city, which is in a way too, and balade means strolling through it. Finally I think the second name describes best what I do in it, isn't it ?
||Alone or in group, the market was open, but after one o'clock, more people were around food shops, waiting for "creppes" or buying different kinds of "baguettes" with "fromage" or "jambon", "salade" etc.
I just discovered some, I like, even if they were from a raison or other not between my first choises.

They give an idea of my day in Paris, the 10 of mars.

"Jour de grève" and still life

What could I do ? like the journal title sais here. Other then wait for three hours. But it went away so fast, reading, looking at people.

Then at those in my photo group.

The couple, coming from the market

And admiring the new "moyen de locomotion" : rolettes ! and people trying to decide what they'll buy for lunch.

So many different interesting people strolling by, some faster (like the two young girls) others holding hand (as the aging couple).

Buying food

or calling someone on their portable telephone

13 mars 2005

From the American Library's street, near Eiffel tower

I just came out from the old National Biblioteque when I got a look at the statue face of it, on a little square

I would not believe my eyes, but the child had a beautifull color : some myth in stone

Inside, old books make my heart beet faster

Lot of people begin his day with with fresh baguette in France

The 10 mars I went to Paris and had cafee and "tartine au beure" and waited three hours in the cafee for the time of my class to arrive

Around noon, again tartines

But I prefered the mandarines from the market Moufflatlar

She went around and around with the same angry, no, disatisfyed face, I met her at least three times

But some had wonderfull smile towards me and she told me "ok make a photo"

Everyone is not young, but has to go to the market too

I did not eat baguette again that day, but went for a "Escalop Milanais" in an italian restaurant.

I love this old "porte ouvroir" on the doors, and imagine the times where some one come to visit years and years before

11 mars 2005

Link to slide-show ?

Let's try, perhaps this link (the title) can send directly to my latest photo's slide-show : it would be "chouette"... and if not in the title, I'll try , HERE

photos of paris 5th

I send yestarday an entry with photos to this blog, but they did not get here without problem, so I posted them today again... by mistake to my main blog , "julie70", so please look there for them.

08 mars 2005

Brother and sister

And at home, my darling grand children

closed now for me

The place I worked before, as my old company, were closed, for me. Old life, old dreams far away.

artisan in 18th paris

Working rue Mont Cenis, mending old books

life around and in the cafe place Charles Bernard,
near the market Poteau.

The friends of the lady with the red hat

Rue Duc is where I worked for ten years, brings back lots of souvenirs

Difficult to move, but one has to go shopping

Another place of work, rue Duc this time: one makes... dentures

While before the cafe, place Charles Bernard,
an aged couple enjoys end of september's sun

The even older lady approches

Oups, this is from nearer, I sat behind them and opened my zoom

The market opens, more people come by

Life is quiet and slow around this part of the 18th arondissement of Paris

I go inside for a few moments

a real nice guy, not complexed at all, every time I went, he was there again

the houses around the quater where I did live for 22 years

and some people crossing, without looking at each other